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GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes are more than just fine footwear. Incorporating 21st Century lift technology, these shoes increase your height discreetly. The combination of handmade elegance with an increase in stature means you can rely on GuidoMaggi footwear to enhance your wardrobe, your confidence and your comfort.

Just after World War I, Guido Maggi began offering his services as a cordwainer (shoemaker) to the most discerning clientèle in his town in Italy, making each pair of shoes and boots by hand out of the finest Italian full-grain leather. Upon his death, his son continued in the business, making handcrafted footwear of the first quality.

After World War II, industrialization and mass production 'stole away' all the craftsman who formerly worked as artisans for small businesses. This spelled the end of the Guido Maggi line, for nearly 60 years.

Now, the great-grand nephew of Guido Maggi, Emanuele Briganti, has revived the business, for a very special reason. “Lele”, as he likes to be called, is 5'9”, and felt a deep desire to increase his height. After struggling with cheap, Asian imported 'elevator shoes' and shoe lifts, it dawned on him to take the love and passion of shoemaking that was in his family and apply it to today's market for fashion and height enhancement.

Thus was born GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes – fine, handmade footwear that discreetly enhances your height. Who would suspect that luxe, Italian leather shoes might also have superb, high-tech lifts inside? From dress shoes to casual sneakers, these height enhancing shoes are made entirely by hand for comfort, steady footing and superior fit and finish.

Handmade. The word evokes a feeling of personalization, knowing that what you own was crafted by artisans who have a passion for their work. In fact, Guido Maggi himself said, “...to make people walk well, it's necessary that shoes are done completely by hand”. Each and every pair of shoes is handcrafted, using 'sewn at sight' stitching and other painstaking methods of producing the finest footwear in the world.

The materials used to create GuidoMaggi Luxury shoes include full-grain Italian leather, suede, goatskin lining, calfskin patent leather and more. Occasionally, special purchases of exotic leathers are offered to select customers to create genuinely bespoke styles (baby crocodile, python, etc.) of shoes and boots.

You can be confident that GuidoMaggi Luxury shoes will fulfill your need for fashion, height enhancement, comfort and confidence. These well-made shoes can actually improve your posture, while giving you a discreet lift in height.

Nearly 100 years after Guido Maggi began making elegant footwear, you can now enjoy the same quality and superb styling that the best fashion houses try to offer you, with an added benefit: standing taller and looking great!